A Reformed Baptist Community

It is our joy to preach Christ, the Living Word crucified, and live to glorify Him.
J & J Dance Company | 4749 N Carefree Cir | Sundays @ 10:30AM
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Ascribing value and worth to God


Connecting with God and one another


Absolute devotion to the Word of God


What to expect when you visit Breathe.


Children are integrated into all facets of the worship gathering.


Fund the ministry of Breathe church.

Ekklesia Groups

Eat, pray, sing, and discuss biblically based content that is Gospel-focused and interactive.

Core Values

Expositional Preaching | Worship/Ordinances | Ekklesia Groups
Foundations/Integrate | Community Outreach

Mission & Vision

At Breathe our mission is to make disciples by calling people to follow the biblical Jesus.

Breathe Church exists to equip the masses to minister within their own mission fields. Breathe Church is devoted to prayer and the ministry of the Word (Acts 6:4). It exists to equip its members for the work of ministry by helping them identify, cultivate and utilize their spiritual gifts (Ephesians 4:12).
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The letter to the hebrews

Series: The Preeminent Christ

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