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Who We Are

Breathe Reformed Baptist Church is a congregation overseen by a plurality of elders. Originally planted in 2010 in the basement of a home, we have become a community of humble Christ worshipers by focusing on proper doctrine, right worship and authentic fellowship.

Who is our church Community?

We are Catholic

This does not mean we are Roman Catholic. This means we share the historical and distinct monotheistic understanding of God delivered through His written Word (the Holy Bible) with the Universal Church.

We are Evangelical

This means we embrace the protestant doctrine of justification by faith alone in Christ alone. Additionally, we affirm that Holy Scripture is the only sufficient, certain, and infallible rule of all saving knowledge, faith, and obedience.

We are Reformed

This means we emphasize the sovereignty of God in salvation and the purpose of our lives.

We are Calvinistic

This means we believe and teach the Doctrines of Grace, otherwise known as the Five Points of Calvinism (TULIP).

We are Confessional

This means we subscribe majorly to the historical 1689 Second London Baptist Confession of Faith as an accurate expression of the Christian faith.

We are Covenantal

This means we view the whole of Scripture through the perspective of God establishing covenants with people and nations to understand and realize His redemption.

We are a Church Community

This means we have a high view of the localized representation of the Universal Church.
Church membership is essential in stirring up one another to love and good works.